Mrs. Schultz Sub Plans

1st Hour

Social Communication: Co-taught with SLP. Bummers and Bonuses (student led), lesson plan as decided by SLP or have a student pick a number from the jar and do corresponding activity from binder on desk.

2nd Hour


3rd Hour


4th Hour


5a Hour

Resource: Work on LUHS work or Edgenuity (online classes). Assist students as needed. Help students with executive functioning skills.

5b Hour

Functional Science: Worth with students and para’s in Gymnastic room.

6th Hour

Science: Students will watch Bill Nye the Science Guy episode. Discuss video with them when done watching. Use the Promethean Board- turn power on the press the “waffle button” on lower left corner of screen. In menu choose the globe icon and select “Browser” then search for Bill Nye episodes on YouTube (touch screen).

7th Hour

Physical Education: Play horse (basketball) outside of Star or take a walk around the track if weather allows. Para can go with class to weight/cardio room if she is available. If must be inside, students can have the option of beginner yoga video (blue yoga mats rolled up on cabinet by classroom door) or resource.

8th Hour


Physical Education: Open gym inside LUHS– walk around indoor track or play horse or 2 on 2 basketball (Para will get basketball rack).