Abbie Schultz

Hello, my name is Abbie Schultz, and I am super excited for my first year of teaching at Star School/Academy! My husband and I moved to the area this May from Elkhorn, WI. I graduated from UW-Lacrosse in 2011 with a Bachelors in Therapeutic Recreation and a minor in Psychology. When I am not teaching, working at my part time job, or in class myself, you will most likely find me somewhere outdoors. I love hiking with my three dogs, horseback riding, and kayaking.

Why Lakeland Star?

I was introduced to Star School/Academy while volunteering at Scholl Community Impact Group, where our students go for equine therapy. Through my schooling, work experience, and volunteering, I have grown to absolutely love working with young adults and helping them gain confidence in their abilities to become compassionate, kind, and independent adults. I feel very fortunate to have been able to find an accepting environment that is willing and capable to meet students where they are at each day, and take the time to really get to know them on an individual basis.