Lakeland Star Academy/School Description:

Lakeland STAR is home to two of the Lakeland areas newest and growing public charter schools. We are open to students of all abilities and will include personalized education programs to help our students discover their unique potential and maximize their capabilities. Lakeland STAR School serves Grades 7-8; Lakeland STAR Academy serves Grades 9-12. Its mission is to provide a transition-oriented and personalized learning program focused on high-functioning students on the autism spectrum that supports their full potential, participation, and self-determination within their school, family, and community.


The Board Certified Behavior Analyst for Special Education programs plays a vital role in providing a consistent, safe environment conducive to learning. In this role, one helps lead, model, and encourage respect, communication, and competency through the use of assessments, the development and implementation of positive behavior interventions, the reinforcement of positive behaviors, and use of de-escalation techniques. Professionalism, empathy, and a non-judgmental approach are essential when working with students receiving special education services to ensure their safety and growth in order to help them understand and exhibit appropriate behaviors at school and in the community. The Board Certified Behavior Analyst will be stepping into a team environment daily, where collaboration, communication, and adaptability are key to the success of the individual, the team, and the success of the students. This role is performed following District policy and State/Federal Laws.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Position:

  • Consult communicate and work cooperatively with teams to provide appropriate programming for students and maintain a positive work environment for all.
  • Conduct functional behavior assessments.
  • Implement positive behavior interventions and supports to student progress, reinforcing positive behaviors, utilizing de-escalation techniques, and redirecting inappropriate behaviors.
  • May be required to use Non-Violent Crisis Intervention procedures.
  • Support the development and implementation of individualized education plans in accordance with district practice and state and federal requirements.
  • Provide training to staff related to behavioral recommendations.
  • Comply with School Board policies and administrative practices, including those procedures outlined in the staff and student handbooks.
  • Help to maintain safety of all students and the environment.
  • Utilize data to inform programming decisions and planning for student success.
  • Uses flexible thinking and adaptability to address student needs and responds calmly during crisis situations, when necessary.
  • Provide Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services to children/adolescents in the home and community.
  • Provide early intervention ABA services (children under 6) in the home or in an Autism center.
  • Caseload depends on the needs of the students.
  • Attend trainings, conferences, workshops, etc. to obtain continuing education credits and to further growth and learning.

Education Requirements:

Masters- Specialization in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Licensure and Certification:

Behavior Analyst (BCBA) required.


Behavior Analyst (BCBA) preferred. Experience consulting and implementing positive behavior interventions and supports. Willingness and ability to work with students receiving a high-level of special education services. Skills in completing due process paperwork and communicating with parents and other team members. Willingness to complete training in Non-Violent Crisis Intervention and implement restrictive procedures. Excellent oral, written, and interpersonal communication with staff, students and parents that is maintained during high-stress and crisis situations. Basic computer and email skills.

Work Environment:

Office within Lakeland Star School Academy. District wide position. Must be able to travel between buildings and to meetings outside of the district.

Area Description:

The Lakeland Union High School District is located in Minocqua, nestled in the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin. The Lakeland area is noted for recreational pursuits including lakes, forests, and a range of seasonal sports, and is also known for its tourism and health facilities. The LUHS District is one of ten union high schools in the State of Wisconsin, providing a comprehensive high school education to students in grades 9-12. It is also the largest geographical school district in the State of Wisconsin, encompassing over 800 square miles. The district is supported by four independent elementary districts and includes parts of Vilas and Oneida counties and the reservation of the Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians. The district is home to approximately 700 students and employs nearly 80 professional staff and 40 support staff.