Informed Decisions

Information to help parents make informed decisions about the education options available to their children.


To cultivate self-reliance and determination in all students, so they may discover their unique potential and maximize their capabilities by providing a transition focused, personalized education program in an environment that fosters acceptance and honors individual strengths.


To have students of all developmental levels thrive not only in the school environment, but in the community, and graduate with the academic and life skills necessary to become their personal best. Students will have the confidence and determination to move on to post-secondary education and/or gainful employment, living independently to the best of their ability and enjoying meaningful connections with others if they so desire.

Education Program

We house two of the Lakeland areas newest public charter schools. Lakeland STAR is open to students of all abilities and includes personalized education programs to help our students discover their unique potential and maximize their capabilities. Lakeland STAR School serves Grades 7-8, Lakeland STAR Academy serves Grades 9-12.

Our teaching staff is specially trained to provide a personalized education, tailored to the way our students learn. We create an inclusive environment that adapts to students strengths and helps with self-determination and regulation skills. We have top notch technology to help accent our teaching programs.

Student support services

Kohler Behavioral Health- HYMC- Minocqua- 1:1 outpatient counseling services. Referral form is completed at LSSA and weekly services are rendered at LSSA or HYMC during the school day.

Enrollment Criteria

Enrollment in the Lakeland Star Academy Charter School is only open to students currently enrolled at LUHS, and applicants in the 8th grade at a consortium School District: Lac du Flambeau, Minocqua J1, North Lakeland, or Woodruff J1. LSA will enroll students for grades 9-12. During the first school year (2018-19), LSA will enroll up to 15 students in grades 9-12. The annual cap for enrollment for the following two school years, will be determined by the Governance Council in conjunction with the LUHS Board and District Administration. Applications for enrollment are available from the Lakeland Union High School web site or the high school office. LSA will admit and serve all eligible students so long as space is available up to the yearly cap. If the number of persons seeking admission exceeds the capacity of the open seats available, then a lottery shall be conducted by the LSA Governance Council to select the individual who will be assigned the open seats. To be eligible for admission through the lottery-placement process, individuals must have submitted complete and valid enrollment applications by the end of the established registration window. LSA will be required to give preference to pupils enrolled in the Charter School in the prior year, their siblings and to the children of the school’s founders, Governance Council members and full-time employees, but must limit the number of children to no more than 10% of the Charter School’s total enrollment. The Charter School will not be required to admit any student who is under a current expulsion order from a school district or has a behavioral record. Lakeland Union High School District cannot place students at LSA.

Annual Performance and Enrollment Data

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