Director:  Oversees the school's daily operations.


Lead Teacher:

Promotes an educational environment that will model best instructional practice and research-based techniques so that the graduates will–to the fullest extent possible–live independently, be involved in further education or gainful employment and develop meaningful relationships with others.


Case Manager:

Manages students’ IEPs by collaborating with IEP team members, administering evaluations, ensuring that IEP services and instruction are provided effectively, and working directly with students, the families, and the teachers to support the student’s IEP goals.


Special Education Teacher:

Teaches and provides appropriate curriculum to students recognizing and fostering students individual strengths and needs while providing a safe and engaging learning environment.



Assists, supports, and works closely with teachers, case managers, school administrators, and other team members to provide educational benefits for students.


Occupational Therapist:

Will evaluate and treat students on the Autism Spectrum with physical, emotional, cognitive, and/or, psychosocial deficits.


Speech Language Therapist:

Evaluate and diagnose speech, language, communication, and swallowing disorders.