Lakeland STAR is part of the public school system but the school and academy are charter schools which means they have a business-like agreement or charter between the Lakeland STAR governance board and the sponsoring school boards.

Students apply for enrollment to Lakeland STAR like they would any other charter school in the area. There is a budgeted amount per student for their education from the state just like any other public school. Because Lakeland STAR caters to students of all abilities but especially those on the spectrum, we will have additional needs for equipment, curriculum to teach life skills and self-reliance in order for our students to be successful. Our students may also have medical needs for occupational therapy and physical therapy.

Fundraising for Lakeland STAR is handled through the Howard Young Foundation where an autism fund has been set up to help raise money for autism-related needs in the Lakeland community. Lakeland STAR is a recipient of this fund and all fundraising dollars will go into this fund to be dispersed as needed.